How to Use Instagram Direct

How to Use Instagram Direct

How to Use Instagram Direct

In late 2013, Instagram introduced a new feature: Instagram Direct. One thing that Instagram lacked was the ability to maintain a private conversation with any one person or small group on Instagram. Now, with the introduction of Instagram Direct, we can have conversations on a more private level. You will notice the little inbox icon in the top right corner of your home screen – this is the only place to access the inbox. Notifications will appear here when you receive new messages. You can send direct messages to one person or a group of up to 15 people. You cannot send text only messages. You must initiate a direct message via a photo or video post. Comments can continue on the post as text based conversation after the message is initiated.

When you are in your inbox, you can see the messages in which you’ve participated. Any message with your name is a message that you initiated. If the message has someone else’s name, they initiated the message. There are two ways to generate a new message: through the inbox directly or through the regular upload process. When you’re in the Instagram Direct inbox, you can click on the + symbol to generate a new message. Take a new photo or video or upload one from your gallery. Edit your post with filters as you normally would.

If you don’t use the Instagram Direct inbox, you can upload a photo or video from the in-app camera or your gallery. Edit your post with filters as you normally would. You’ll notice that when you get to the caption stage, there are two tabs at the top of your screen: One for Followers and one for Direct. If you are going to send a post via Instagram Direct, you’ll want to make sure that the Direct tab is highlighted. If you decided you didn’t want to send this post privately, just click on the Followers tab and the post will proceed as a normal post upload.

Add a caption and select the people to send the message to. Instagram will suggest users or you can begin typing a name in the search bar. When the name of the person appears in the list, click on their name and a green check mark will appear in their circle. Their image will also appear in the “To” field. You can select up to 15 people. Once complete, click the check mark in the top corner or “Send to (#)” button. If you want to respond to an original conversation with another photo or video, you cannot add these to the conversation stream. You would have to start another message with your photo or video. This is one thing that I expect Instagram to improve upon and update in the future.

When viewing messages, the person who started the message will appear on the left. Everyone who was sent the message will have their image appear in the “To” field. Anyone who has not seen the message will remain faded. Anyone who has viewed the message will appear with a green check mark. And anyone who has viewed and commented on the message will appear with a blue chat icon. Comments will appear beneath the post and profile pics of those in the conversation. Any comments left on the post are visible to everyone invited to the message. But only those in the message can view the comments and the post.

Technically, anyone can send you a direct message. Or, you can send a message to anyone.

If you want to send a message to someone you don’t follow, you need to know their username and type that into the search field. Their username and profile photo will appear and you can add them to the list of recipients. However, if someone sends a message to someone they do not follow, the recipient will receive a message that this person is trying to send them a message. The sender’s name and profile photo will appear with the option to approve or decline the message. If you accept to receive this message from this sender, they will be able to send you messages again without your approval. This is a good method for Instagram to control spam and messages from unknown users. However, be careful who you accept messages from. You don’t see a preview of the post prior to accepting and if you allow them in once, you automatically allow them in again. You can choose to block this user, however, if their messages become unwelcome in the future.

You can delete messages you have sent or delete certain comments from the thread of the conversation on a message you started. Clicking on the triple dot button or edit button will open a pop-up menu with options. Likewise, you can delete comments you made on another person’s message or hide their post using this menu. So, for those instances where you would like to have a conversation in a more private environment, Instagram Direct allows you to manage direct messages.


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