How to Create a Gmail Account Step by Step

How to Create a Gmail Account Step by Step

This guide uses Google’s Gmail free service as an example. However, Gmail is only one provider of free email services, there are many more including Outlook which can be accessed at and Yahoo Mail which can be accessed at The sign-up processes are similar and you are able to access your account from any computer or mobile phone that has an internet connection.

Gmail is a free, web-based email service, which is accessible from any Web browser anywhere in the world (just need internet connection). Google first introduced Gmail in 2004 and limited test accounts were made available in 2005.

A step by step guide to assist to you in creating an email address you can use to better communicate with your friends, family, and medical providers. Gmail has been increasing in popularity since it was first introduced in 2004. Now more and more people are moving to Google’s services. Here’s how to set up a Gmail account. In this guide, sorry for not showing pictures

How to Create a Gmail Account Step by Step

  1. Start by going to this web address (type the address in the box on top of the Internet browser (top red arrow) and hit “Enter” or “Return” on the keyboard).
  2. Once there, Click “Create an account” (bottom red arrow).
  3. Enter your name in the first two boxes.
  4. Enter the name for the email address you desire here. Make sure it is memorable because this is what you will give to others in order to reach you and what you will use to sign in to your account later.
  5. When you go to the next box after username, you may get this notice, shown in red text, if your chosen name is already in use by someone else.
  6. If you do get this message, you must either enter a new name to see if it is taken or choose on of the available names listed in blue underneath the red message by clicking on it.
  7. Once you have the name selected, enter what you want your password to be.
  8. The password must be 8 characters long (upper and lower case letters, numbers, or symbols).
  9. Try to make it memorable for yourself while not easily guessed by others for security purposes.
  10. You now must enter your desired password again here in order to confirm it.
  11. If the password you entered in both boxes does not match, it will warn you in red as shown, and you must fix this in order to continue.
  12. Now enter your birthday.
  13. Type the day in the middle box and year into the last box.
  14. Select the month you want by clicking on the small, black double arrows in the month box (see the large red arrow) and then clicking your month in the menu that appears.
  15. Select your gender here using the small, black double arrows to access the list of options (Female, Male, and Other). Click your choice and it will appear in the grey box.
  16. If you have a mobile (cell) phone, you can list the number here. Google asks for this for account security purposes (as seen in the text box beside the phone number entry box), but this is optional.
  17. This box asks you to enter the address of another email account if you have one. This helps with account security and recovering a lost password. If you choose not to enter an alternate email address skip this step.
  18. This step is called “Prove you’re not a robot”. In order to prevent an automated program from creating too many email accounts at once, this step asks you to interpret the numbers shown in the image and type them into the box below.
  19. If you skip this step by clicking the box the red arrow is pointing to you will most likely have to verify your account by phone later (a later slide will cover how to do phone verification).
  20. The red arrow here is pointing toward three clickable symbols beside the verification challenge box :
    – The circular grey arrow provides a new picture clue if you cannot figure out the one shown
    – The speaker symbol in the middle of the group provides an audio clue through your computer’s speakers to use instead of the picture clue.
    – The question mark symbol brings up a pop up window with help for this step.
  21. Here is an example of the numbers being shown in the picture being entered correctly.
  22. Next, if you do not live in the United States select your country in this box.
  23. Now it asks you to agree to the “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy”.
  24. Click the words in blue (Terms of Service and Privacy Policy) to open the link (typically in a new tab) and read these items.
  25. This page appears when the “Terms of Service” link is clicked. When you are finished reading it, click the “x” on the tab (see red arrow) to return to the account set up page.
  26. Repeat this process for “Privacy Policy”.
  27. When you are finished reading these items, click the box beside it (vertical red arrow).
  28. Now, click “Next Step” (horizontal red arrow).
  29. If you see this screen, Google is requiring phone verification.
  30. Enter the phone number you wish to use in the box.
  31. If you have a cell phone and prefer to receive the verification code by text, click the circle beside “Text Message (SMS)”.
  32. If you prefer to hear the code through an automated voice call, click beside “Voice Call”
  33. The selected option will have a blue dot in the circle.
  34. Now, click “Continue”.
  35. Once you receive the code enter it here.
  36. If you do not receive the code after 15 minutes, click the blue “try again” link.
  37. Now click “Continue”.
  38. This step asks you to create a Google+ Account (Google’s social media site). The first step is adding a photo, but this is optional and we are going to skip this step for the tutorial.
  39. Click “Next Step”.
  40. This is the Welcome page. Click “Continue to Gmail”.
  41. You are now viewing your email inbox. Click next to take the provided tour.
  42. Once you finish the tour you can view your inbox. You start in the “Primary” tab. To view the other tabs (each geared for containing certain types of emails) click on the tab you want to open.
  43. This is the “Social” tab.
  44. You may explore the “Promotions” tab in the same way if you wish.
  45. When you are ready to continue, click the “Primary” tab to view the primary inbox as you did before.
  46. Click on an email’s title to read it.
  47. The email has now opened.
  48. When you are done, click “Inbox” on the left side.
  49. Other buttons to notice include “Compose” which brings up a box in which you can type and send an email and “Sent Mail”, which allows you to see a list of the emails you have sent. Both of these are highlighted by red arrows.
  50. To sign out of your email account (so no one else can read your emails) click the photo spot in the upper right corner, and click “Sign out” on the box that appears.
  51. You are now signed out of Gmail.
  52. To sign in again, return to the first web address we visited,
  53. Enter your new email address in the top text box and the password you created in the lower text box.
  54. If you click “Stay signed in” it will remember your password. If it is clicked it will show a check mark. Do not do this on a public computer. Others may be able to access your email account if you do.
  55. To finish signing in, click “Sign in”
  56. You will be taken to your Gmail account.

Congratulations you have successfully created your own Gmail account and your Gmail account is ready for use.


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