How To Delete Instagram Account Temporarily & Permanently

How To Delete Instagram Account Temporarily & Permanently

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media site. It was designed for mobile use with the intention that users would take photos on their mobile devices then upload the images “instantly” through the Instagram app.

Like most social media sites, the intention is to connect users with friends, family, colleagues, and other users with similar interests. The platform is primarily visually based with the emphasis on large, creative images. Instagram also offers a variety of filters for both photos and videos that allow users to edit and enhance their posts for maximum appeal. Instagram was purchased by Facebook in 2012, catapulting it to the forefront of social media popularity. While it succeeded on its own prior to the Facebook acquisition, Facebook has provided resources and abilities to expand the site.

Almost exactly one year after the Facebook deal, Instagram reached the milestone 150 million monthly active users. This is such an important milestone is that Instagram reached this number faster than Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn! The only site that has achieved this milestone faster than Instagram is Google+. The popularity of the site continues to grow and it continues to amass more new users every day.

When the site first launched, the primary demographic was younger users in the 14-25 demographic. Unfortunately, many people think this is still the case. However, with over 150 million monthly active users, I promise you the demographics have expanded greatly! Instagram is popular with a variety of age groups and countless industries and businesses. With more than 60% of the users outside of the US, the global demographic of Instagram continues to grow. Whether for personal use or for business marketing purposes Instagram is becoming a leader in social media activity!

How To Delete an Instagram Account…?

It’s now very easy to open multiple Instagram accounts, Instagram allows for up to five accounts to be managed at any one time. What is not as easy is deleting any of these accounts at a later date. Instagram has been a bit tricky with this process. It has simplified your ability to remove an account from your particular device by logging out of it, but this isn’t deleting the account.

It has provided you with the ability to deactivate/disable your account with the option of reactivating it later, but this isn’t deletion either. To add to the fun, Instagram claims it will be impossible to resurrect data from your account, and your username can never be recycled to anyone again (even you).

They don’t want you to go. It can be permanently deleted, it just takes a few steps , and looking outside of the app.


What you need to do to..

You need to log onto the Instagram website via computer or a mobile browser – you can NOT delete an account
through the Instagram app.

What will deletion mean.

Photographs, followers, likes, location history, your username. All these things will be permanently gone. Should
you try to rejoin at a later date – your username will be inaccessible to you or anyone else – it cannot be recycled.

Instagram claims it cannot resurrect this deleted material at a later date. Gone is gone.

  • Option 1
    Take a break – deactivate and temporarily disable your account.
  • Option B
    I’m done – this needs to go.

How To Delete Instagram Account Temporarily

Option A – How to temporarily disable an Instagram account:

  1. Use a browser to go to (you can’t do it from the application).
  2. Log in.
  3. Click on the profile button in the top right corner.
  4. Next to your profile picture and user name, select “Edit Profile”
  5. Scroll down and select the “Temporarily disable my account” link.
  6. Select a reason why you are disabling your account.
  7. Re-enter your password.
  8. Click on the button that says “Temporarily Disable Account”
  9. To reactivate the account, simply log back into it.


How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Option B – How to delete an Instagram account (permanently)

  • From a browser, go to Instagram’s dedicated page for deleting accounts, do this by going to Instagram SUPPORT.
  • If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so, then go to Manage Your Account.
  • Select Delete Your Account.
  • Choose How do I delete my account.
  • You will see this page below. Click on the link circled below. This will take you to the Delete Your Account page.
  • Select your reason for deleting the account. These are listed in the second screen shot below. Again, Instagram will attempt to steer you in the direction of disabling your account. Remain strong and continue on the deletion path.
  • Re-enter your password.
  • Select the red button stating: “Permanently delete my account”.
  • Your account is now gone.
  • Congratulations




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